When the sciatic nerve becomes compressed, it can cause pain in the leg or the area which extends from the hips to the ankle. Sciatica pain can be tough. Sometimes people who suffer from it find themselves unable to walk and go about their daily chores.

Normally it best to treat sciatica at home before taking any drastic meaures.in fact physicians too feel that if the treatment is noninvasive and can help prevent the pain from coming back, it’s well worth it. Surgery is not a first-line sciatica treatment.

If you are suffering from sciatic pain and would like to know a few ay to handle it at home, make sure to read the following:

Home remedies for sciatica pain


Doctors are of the opinion that you should wait out or a few weeks and try to use home remedies to help get rid of the pin. If nothing works, a visit to the doctor is advised. Most of the time the pain is resolved on its own and doesn’t need any sort of medical intervention. In fact fifty percent of the cases are resolved in les then three to four weeks at the most.

However, if the pain persists or becomes more severe its best to get medical care immediately. Anyone who is undergoing sciatic pain should only take up as much as they can bear. If they think their condition is deteriorating and they are finding it difficult to walk or even perform basic activities, a visit to the physician becomes mandatory.

Similarly if you experience weakness or numbness in hands or feet or the affected area it’s an indication that the disease has progressed too far along and should be reported as an emergency.

Meanwhile if you are experiencing mild aches and pains, make sure to follow these practices at home:

  • Apply ice or a warm compress to the affected area. It should start slowly by once or twice a day. If you can tolerate it you can apply the compresses around four to five times a day. This can help reduce the swelling and provide relief from pain. In fact most people start feeling better a few days after the treatment only. It can help loosen the tightness in the muscles.
  • Gentle stretching exercises can be beneficial. In fact there are certain exercises like yoga which can help bring relief from the pain by improving the blood circulation.
  • If possible go to a physical therapist, they would suggest different exercises and a change in lifestyle which can be implemented to improve the pain and other symptoms.
  • You can even visit a chiropractor. They make use of gentle manual adjustments to provide relief from the pain.

The above mentioned intervention can provide relief in four to ix weeks. However, if you find your symptoms getting worse or not improving at all, you should seek medical help for sciatica pain. Make sure you set up an appointment with a doctor who is known to help patients suffering from sciatica.