Depression in Women

Depression has been a major threat to different people and families in modern society. With everyone trying to have a perfect life and their career on point, having a clear mind becomes a challenge. Now, women have tended to be viewed as the weaker species and as most prone to depression. This is not wholly true because most men face depression just as women do, it is just that they are in denial and want to look powerful, despite suffering inside. The difference is apparent in the signs and symptoms that each of these genders face when dealing with depression. In women, depression is more likely to hit hard because of the numerous day to day activities they have to handle.

The life of a perfect woman

Women live a tough life in keeping a lot of things in order. They have to be perfect wives with model bodies, take care of children, and balance their careers with their social life. This reflects huge amounts of pressure on the female. In that opportune moment when depression kicks in, there is likely to be a great imbalance in the life of a woman. Men tend to run away from their actual problems and shift blames to other people but women are more conscious of their issue and tend to face their issues head on.

Signs of depression in women

As a woman, how do you know you are undergoing depression? Below are some common signs and symptoms of depression in women.

  1. Self-hatred and lack of enthusiasm for anything
  2. Over crying for no particular reason
  3. Experiencing chronic aching and continual headaches
  4. No interest in sex
  5. Unexplainable fatigue
  6. Feeling anxious and on edge at most times
  7. Sadness and feeling empty inside

These, and many more symptoms, point out why it is important to seek urgent medical attention. Women are more susceptible to depression than men; in fact, research shows that one in eight women undergo depression in her life.

Can depression be treated?

Cheer up, because depression can be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Creating depression awareness is needed to prepare people suffering from depression early enough to know how to go about dealing with the situation. If you start observing certain signs and symptoms, seek medical attention. Being aware of depression can help you, or those around you, avoid getting into the late stages of depression which might include suicidal thoughts. Visit a medical institution for a check-up if you suspect that you are having any depression conditions. The doctor can do tests and diagnose the condition before giving out the diagnosis and necessary treatments. Remember, the earlier you go, the better chances you have of walking out fine. Women are social creatures; do not let depression get in your way of having a fun life, family, and friends. With this awareness, you can help mitigate the number of deaths that cause depression.