A disability employment agency provides work specifically to support people who have a disability or a certain health conditions which might prevent them to working a regular 9 to 5 job.

Disability Management Services work with job seekers who also suffer from short term injury or illnesses. For those who required support in the work environment for a short term basis. On the other hand the employment services support is usually allocated for job seekers who have a permanent disability or an injury which prevents them from working without consistent support in the work environment.

Questions to ask your disability employment provider

For those who are looking to hire a disability employment provider they need to ask them whether they are eligible for it. Eligibility criteria requires that those seeking employment should have a disability, a health condition or injury which prevents them from work in a regular job. They need to be an Australian citizen and have an eligible visa. Individuals are required to be 14 years or older or they must be at a minimum working age according to their state or territory. Anybody who is not studying full time can also apply for disability employment services and they should also undergo a valid employment service assessment which would be recommended to the DES for any kind of future work.

All individuals looking for disability employment services must have a capacity to work at least 8 or more hours per week and should not be working above their assessed working capacity. For any information you can directly contact a DES provider.

The level of funding which every person will receive would change throughout the time that they would be spending in the program however funding usually falls into three different categories. These include the services fees which are advance payments made every 13 weeks to help them secure employment. The service fees also comprises of the outcome fee which is the payment that is made after the participant has received the employment of education for a specific period of time. An ongoing support fees is also made to individuals who might require for the resistance in order to maintain their employment.

Individuals with a disability can also access the employment assistance fund which would help them cover the expenses of any adjustments that would need to be made in the workplace in order for them to get ahead with the job. However these may be made to include the workplace equipment or any modifications which need to be made for people with a special kind of disability, this means any sort of modified appliances, alternate lighting or access ramps.

This finding also covered any modifications which are made in the work vehicles which the individual might use to perform their regular duties. Also communication equipment like bright printers or any sort of listening device or an emergency alert system also Falls into this category full stop any training which the individual would undergo to create disability is included in this funding program as well.

Busy Ability are disability employment providers that you can partner with if you want to give opportunities to differently abled individuals.