The handy-dandy tool that new moms need when they need to leave their precious bundle for a night out or need to go back to work is the breast pump. A breast pump allows new moms a much-needed breather from breastfeeding.

Using breast pumps provide multiple benefits to new mamas, to include:

  • Helps new moms to maintain their milk supply
  • Allows moms to fill a bottle with precious mother’s milk
  • Provide much-needed relief from breast engorgement
  • Allows new moms to start a backup stash in the freezer

The suction, tubes, and flanges features of the breast pump might seem daunting to new moms at first sight. However, starting on breast pumping eventually makes new mamas acquire a knack for it.

The Right Time to Use a Breast Pump

  • The particular situation of a new mom dictates the right time to use a breast pump. Right after the birth of their babies have encouraged some new moms to start using a breast pump. Breast pumping right after birth is seen to encourage and initiate the milk supply of new mamas.
  • For other new moms, waiting for a few weeks after birth to start using a breast pump works ideally for them. Whatever the chosen time to start using a breast pump, the outcome for new moms is to establish a good breastfeeding schedule for their babies by the time they are between 4 to 6 weeks old.
  • However, it is recommended for new moms to start using a breast pump two to three weeks before they go back to work. This ensures not only building a stockpile of mother’s milk but also get the hang of using the breast pump.
  • A pumping schedule becomes routine as soon as a new mom develops the knack of using the breast pump. The best time to use the breast pump is by choosing the time of the day when the breasts are usually full. Using the breast pump during these times of day quickly establishes a schedule beneficial for both moms and babies.
  • An hour after a morning feeding session is also seen as one of the best times for moms to start pumping breast milk. This is because breasts are seen to be naturally fuller during the early times of the day.

Multiple Advantages of the Breast Pump

Other than increasing the milk supply, using a breast pump offers multiple advantages to new moms, to include:

  • Babies can still enjoy breast milk even when new mamas have to go back to work, or travel, or take a night off
  • A new mom’s partner or caregiver can provide mother’s milk even when they are not around to do so
  • The milk supply of new moms get a boost with the use of the breast pump
  • Allows new moms to stockpile extra milk for later baby feedings down the road
  • Allows new mamas the chance to donate their extra milk to other new moms that can’t, for medical reasons or other to breastfeed their babies

The bottom line

A breast pump is an essential tool all new moms need to have around. Feeding time becomes easy, convenient, and time-saving with the help provided by a breast pump.