The pain caused by acne can be physical and emotional. The self-esteem and well-being of a person are compromised as he/she suffers through it.

Not having to deal with it alone is the good news for people affected with acne in Brisbane. Seeing a dermatologist for acne treatment, Brisbane can do wonders for clearing up the problem in no time at all.

Why acne needs to be quickly addressed

Acne scars are often the devastating result for affected people either delaying or ignoring the problem. When this happens, only cosmetic treatments offer the best solution for eradicating acne scars.

The best way to avoid acne scars is to efficiently and quickly treat breakouts. Consulting a reputable dermatologist lowers the possibility of ever acquiring acne scars in the first place.

Acne can be an unsightly sight for both the affected and the people around him or her. The emotional and physical pain caused by acne is effectively and quickly resolved by seeing a dermatologist.

What about over-the-counter medications?

Some people benefit from using over-the-counter medications to resolve their acne issues. However, OTC oral or topical medications are not a one-size-fits-all solution for acne sufferers. What can work for one may not provide the same success for another.

It’s time to see a dermatologist when OTC solutions do not successfully eliminate a person’s acne. The skin’s rejuvenating and renewing process is effectively helped by seeing a reliable dermatologist.

Advantages of seeing a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment

Identifying and treating a wide range of skin problems are the things a reliable dermatologist brings to the table. The multiple advantages of seeking a dermatologist’s help with acne include:

Offer specialised treatments

A variety of treatments can be administered by a good dermatologist in addition to oral and topical skincare options. Other types of treatments offered by dermatologists to clear up acne include:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Acne extraction
  • Anti-acne facials
  • Fractional resurfacing
  • Beta chemical peels

Extensive training and experience

The extensive training and experience of reputable dermatologists make them familiar with all types of skin problems. No skin problem can faze them and your type of acne is already one he/she has encountered and treated. This skin expertise allows them to easily and quickly provide the best ways to manage and control your acne problems.

Prescribes effective drugs

Some people suffering from acne can successfully eliminate their acne issues using OTC oral or topical remedies. Yet, not all skin problems get their solutions from OTC drugs. Over-production of sebum or bacterial infections that are known to cause persistent acne cannot be helped by OTC meds alone.

A dermatologist is an expert that can prescribe effective drugs to counter the effects of persistent acne.

Helps identify the underlying cause for the acne

Severe acne conditions are often manifestations of some underlying medical conditions. The underlying causes can range from hormonal imbalances to emotional stressors. Recovery is achieved when a reputable dermatologist can recognise and identify the underlying causes of the acne breakouts.

The varied forms of acne can be identified and resolved by consulting a reputable dermatologist. The journey towards achieving clear skin starts and ends with a visit to a dermatologist. We are always ready to help you resolve your skin problems.